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Recipe Guides for different parts of Chicken!!

Get a healthy dose of food recipes that you need to add to your cooking story by Tracking Fresh. The love for chicken is eternal whether it is a whole wing, drumette, chicken leg piece (with/without bones) or the popular chicken breasts. People love the taste of the meat and therefore, experiment with the art of cooking to get the best and better taste of the chicken.

One amazing fact about chicken is that they are super versatile and can hold many different kinds of flavor profiles. Below are the details that have been shared as to how to use different parts of the chicken in different meals. So, when you order chicken from Tracking Fresh, all you have to do is get your fresh chicken in and scroll down to our yummy meals list. 

Chicken comes in different sizes and different piece cuts as you know. Chicken is separated into types of meat, white (breast tenders, wings) and dark (drumsticks and thighs) which are more tender and have strong flavor due to higher fat content. In this case Tracking Fresh has covered your back by making this organically grown chicken readily available for the buyers. Full of freshness and delicious taste. 

Good whole chicken 

The recipes that you can go-to when having the whole chicken are inclusive of so many delicacies here. Once you are done with cooking the whole chicken you can either pull off the meat from the bone or eat as it is and use it in recipes that are given as follows: 

Chicken Salad: The roasted chicken meat with a lot of fresh cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, red lettuce and sour cream is the perfect combo with a twist of paprika and black pepper. You can have it for your brunch or either for your light dinners. 

Chicken Soup: The thick chicken broth when mixed together with soup garnished with a pak choy, oregano and basil leaves leaves an amazing fragrance in your kitchen walls. The chicken pieces can be added to the soup or the bone of the chicken can be added to the soup. It’s the best of the two meats. 

Whole Chicken Grill: The whole chicken is grilled in olive oil that makes the meat tender and juicy and the preparation for this kind is very slow but worth making as every part of the chicken needs to be cooked properly while the marination of black pepper, olive and salt is induced well in the meat. The best advice is that after every 10 minutes keep rotating the chicken to cook properly. 

Chicken Thighs (With Bone) 

They are tender and flavorful due to high fat content. They are great for slow cookers and for pan dinners. These pieces of chicken are one-dish dinners and the love for pan chicken sheet dinners with veggies are people’s favorite.

You get to have all your proteins and vitamins in one whole plate. You can try chicken thigh meals like the one I mentioned earlier pan chicken sheet dinner, creamy baked chicken where you can experiment with adding different types of cheese to the chicken. 

Chicken Thighs (Boneless)

Boneless chicken thighs are lean meat that are basically foolproof and versatile. So whether you avoid the skin or not it will still be lean. Boneless chicken thighs have a great take on Chinese cuisine as different varieties of chicken meals can be seen there. 

Chinese Chicken: Spicy chinese chicken meals are more of the attention grabbing meals worldwide. The red spicy chicken meals are super yummy and spicy. 

Baked Crispy Chicken Thighs: Skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs crisp up beautifully in the oven, locking in all of the aromatic juiciness of the rich, soft dark flesh. It’s roasted chicken thigh magic at its finest.

Chicken Breast

The leanest and mildest flavored part of the chicken that can take any form of the chicken, which makes the chicken one of the most versatile parts of the chicken. Chicken breast can be used to make any kind of meal that involves pan chicken sheet dinner, slow cooking chicken meals, grilled chicken recipes or the oven baked chicken meals. Chicken breast meals includes: 

Lemon Chicken: These juicy, delicate chicken breasts are as tasty as they are healthful, thanks to garlic, herbs, and lemon, as well as a splash of white wine. 

Chicken Shawarma: The shredded chicken breast when mixed with onions, spicy and sour cream in the pita rolls are mouth-watering when garnished with lemon zest in between. 

Chicken Wings 

Chicken wings are party favorites of many people around the world. They are either smoked in grill with homemade ranch dipping sauce and all that slurpy BBQ sauce over the surface of the flesh.

The chicken wing recipes that you should be trying are buffalo wings tah tare juicy and slightly shiny because of the golden glaze that is formed with the help of the soya sauce induced while cooking, scrumptious Korean chicken wings – spicy sesame seeds, black pepper and barbeque sauce, lime chicken wings, grilled chicken wings and fried chicken wings. 

Chicken Drumsticks 

Chicken drumsticks are the perfect combination of flavor holding and the juiciest part of the chicken due to the higher fat content from the muscles. The meals that can be made with chicken drumsticks are crispy tandroori chicken drumsticks that can be served with lettuce, onion strips and carrots, sticky chicken drumsticks and grilled chicken drumsticks are the ones you should be preparing for dinner today. 

So, there you go. You have it all here. No need to stress about anything here. Loads of recipes to try  using different parts of the chicken. Have you ever tried making any one of these before? If not, then which one do you want to make first? Let us know in the comments. 


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