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Whether you want to whip up some homemade chocolate milk or add a hint of sweetness to your morning coffee, there’s a world of possibilities at TKF. WITH PURE MILK, MORE IS POSSIBLE. At TKF, we take the most delicious milk and only add our unwavering commitment to fresh ideas. It’s never-altered and always enjoyed. We treat our cattle with care – and they repay us with pure, better tasting milk.

Preserving the quality and safety of milk begins on the farm and follows through to the refrigerator. It gets straight from the cow’s udder to the bottle, to the fridge! From the farm to your family in as little as one day, TKF milk is all the nutrition you’d expect with the level of freshness that’s unlike anything else. Because even a staple can be surprising. A nutritious family breakfast. A rewarding workout. An unforgettable meal. And desi cow milk is not just another drink, it’s an elixir.

Our milk possesses 7 properties — sweet, cooling, soft, dense, smooth, vicious, and pleasing. It comes from the purest form of Indian indigenous breeds. So there’s no need to give up on this tasty treat. Choose TKF’s Desi cow milk or full cream buffalo milk for you and guzzle away for a Milk Fresh Morning.