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As the season changes, so do our fashion choices. We dress our bodies in a way that suits the season. So why is it that we don’t eat in this way?

Not only is it likely to contain higher levels of beneficial nutrients, but because you are eating food that has grown naturally during its traditional seasonal cycle, it will be more flavorful and abundant. This way you can take pleasure in eating plenty of delicious asparagus for the short month it is in season, and look forward to it the next year — the same with winter squash, spring green, tomatoes and other produce that have an optimum time to flourish. In short, eating seasonal promotes quality, flavour and texture, and will save you at the checkout. It also means you will be treated to variety, which is hugely important if nutritional health is one of the reasons why you buy so much produce. Follow the seasons closely and you may discover a new and exciting vegetable.

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