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Has it ever happened to you that you were travelling to a place in the hills but then you spot fruit laden trees and couldn’t resist stealing a few? With TKF you no longer have an excuse! We bring you fruits that are sweet and interesting coming from the farms situated in Solapur, Maharashtra. They have an agreeable texture, crunchy like apples, smooth like a peach, and juicy like an orange. Moreover, nutrients that one fruit lacks, another fruit provides. As the name suggests, we have nothing but 100% tasty freshness all the way from farm to fridge.

Great Taste From The Best Fruits
They are prone to bumps and bruises, they’re sensitive and picky, and they crave TLC. Yes, we’re talking about fruits. And by the time most fruits make their produce aisle debut, they’re in the twilight of their lives. Our fruits are in their purest form sourced from the best fields — no preservatives added. Unlike others, we closely inspect how they’re raised, nurtured, and handled, so that the flavor and nutrients you hope to reap from them is not affected.

Did You Know?
The fibre in fruit reduces the risk of some cancers
Most fruits are low in energy and high in fibre and water, making you feel fuller.
Also fruit is abundant in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.
Different coloured fruits, especially orange, red and yellow fruit, contain carotenoids (Vitamin A) which assist in immune function.

What Can We Do With Fruits?
Eat fruit fresh and whole of course! In fact, fruit is the most nutritious for you when eaten fresh and raw. However, they can also be added to cereals, porridge, toast, salads, or used to finish a meal. Fruits also make a convenient snack in between meals and while out and about. Overripe fruits are great for smoothies or baking.