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When fruits are grown in faraway regions, that means it may not be in season, causing it to be grown under less ideal conditions that will affect the taste. Our farmers don’t treat the fruits with preservatives or chemicals to induce artificial ripening. Our Orange is bursting with flavor as they have the potential to develop their full flavor being locally-grown in the fields of Solapur, Maharashtra. The taste is very different and the taste buds confirm it with the first bite. In fact, all our bananas, apples, strawberries and many more fruits are 100% fresh, 100% of the time. You’ll rarely find fresh Grapes in the grocery store at any other time of the year so grab it here while you can. At every stage of fruits’ existence — from conception, maturity, and ripening, to shipping and retailing we divulge into the process. Thus, we at TKF enlighten and orient you towards the consumption of fruits that are produced according to the four seasons.

All The More Reason To Eat In Season
Eating seasonally has many benefits, both for your health and pocket.
They contain the nutrients, minerals, and trace elements that our bodies need at particular times of the year.
Eating seasonally also adds more variety to your diet throughout the year.

To help you pick out seasonal treats, here at TKF we have created a harvest calendar with the help of our farmers to show when your favorite fruit is in season. So, if you’re hosting a dinner party, planning your meal prep, or just trying to be a bit more economical, try to cook seasonably with our handy, fruity list. Our seasonal fruits are organoleptic, visual, but also gustatory (bitterness, sweet, salty), fragrant (aromas), textural (smooth, grainy, tender, cracking…) which combine Pleasure and Health!